Chadwick International School Z Club exemplifies the Zonta spirit through service and advocacy

Since the Chadwick International School (CIS) Z Club, South Korea, was first established in September 2015, they have continuously exemplified the Zonta spirit through its service and advocacy. Read below to learn all about the club's actions through the years.


Advocacy in Seoul

In July 2017, the Z club planned a flash mob with Dr. Unna Huh, the district lieutenant governor, and Congresswoman Seunghee Yoo to raise public awareness about teenage girls and their rights. 


The Z club sang, danced and spread the message of "stop sexual violence against girls" with signs and banners that had statistics about sexual violence. They also distributed about 1,000 fans that said, "protect young girls on the street who are under the threat of violence."


Petitions to modify a law

In September 2017, Unna and the Z club visited the National Assembly to emphasize the necessity to modify a law that protects children and juveniles against sexual abuse.


With the advice of Lawmaker In Soon Nam, the Z club submitted petitions to the National Assembly in person.


Financial support for students in Nepal

Zontians from District 32 raised funds to create scholarships for 35 students at Nepal Rastriya Namuna Secondary School in July 2018.


Then in December 2018, the district donated 100 sets of school benches and tables to the school.


Supporting single mothers in Seoul

The Z club launched a project to raise awareness of the difficulties of being a single mother and end public criticism of them.


Student members opened a crowdfunding project online so that donors could financially help out the single mothers. They also created a video to educate the public about why the prejudices single mothers face and that we should not limit their abilities in society.


All proceeds from the crowdfunding were donated to Aeranwon. This non-profit organization works to provide young mothers, or single parents, with a network of support, such as delivering babies safely, finding shelter, and providing professional help in gaining career or academic opportunities. The club members also donated formulas, diapers, menstruation products and more.


Visiting students in Nepal

The Z club donated US$3,500 to Shree Nepal Rastriya Namuna Secondary School to help them purchase school bench sets, school bags, and tech devices like personal computers, projectors and more. Zontians from District 32 also donated US$4,500 to fund the students' studies.


In January 2020, Z club members and other Zontians visited the school and presented the donations and Korean traditional gifts to the Seven Women organization.


Donations to the Ukrainian Embassy

On 10 March, the Z club delivered a donation of 4 million won to the Ukrainian Embassy in Seoul.


Unna said that "the Z club has been working for women's rights for nearly seven years, but this Ukraine crisis is a human rights issue, so I joined the group. The students who came to the field today are in their upper [levels], so studying is important. But I think volunteer work is also a big task at our school."