Zonta Club of Cebu II weaves its Crochet Tree Project

The Zonta Club of Cebu II, Philippines, launched its Crouchet Tree Project, a creative collaboration with the Cebu Crochet Group, the club's wards at the Villa Maria of Good Shepherd, Visayas Art Fair and the Pakridge Business Park to bring together a diverse group of individuals with a shared passion. The project symbolizes the harmonious blend of artistic expression and professional dedication, weaving together a shared purpose and collective achievement narrative.

The project consisted of:

  • Thirty-six pairs of hands of determined and creative women from all walks of life.
  • Nine hundred hours of pure labor of love.
  • About 1,200 pieces of the most colorful individually hand-crocheted granny squares.

Each stitch in this exquisite creation represents a message of strength, solidarity and resilience in adversity. It honors the courage and determination of survivors, raises awareness and advocates a world free of violence against women and girls.

"There's no force more powerful than women bound by a common passion to rise and complete a daunting task," said Cristina Garcia.

The Crochet Tree stands as a beach of hope and a reminder that we can make a difference and create a bright future for all. The unique and colorful tree was displayed for a month at the Oakridge Business Center.