Bucharest Youth Z Club cleans city's central parks

The Bucharest Youth Z Club, Romania, collaborated with their school, the American International School of Bucharest, to gather students who are willing to make their city a greener area. Given the current climate conditions, the club decided to accomplish Sustainable Development Goals 3, 13 and 15 by cleaning up central parks.

The student club believes that parks are leisure spaces crucial to everyone's health and well-being and mental health and stability. Nature is comprised of many habitats, including those of fauna and flora.

"Taking a class on environmental systems and societies has taught me the importance of acting soon to preserve nature. My team and I have made it a priority to start planning and cleaning central parks in Bucharest," said Club President Maria-Delia Militescu.

The student club has cleaned seven parks and continues their actions every two weeks to sustain a systematic change in the city. They have also acquired government accreditation and resources for their ongoing activities from the city's Administration of Lakes, Parks and Leisure. They hope to make the city greener every day.