Zonta Club of Alytus takes gender-equal climate action and more

Through multiple actions, the Zonta Club of Alytus, Lithuania, took gender-equal climate action and spread happiness.

A Green Dinner
The club attended the annual Green Dinner event for two consecutive years. This year, the club donated €4,642, approximately US$4,904, and bought 38 pine trees. The trees were planted in town, next to the Health Path, on 13 October.

Creating happiness for others
On 13 October, the club joined other Lithuanian Zontians for a presentation on "How not to get lost on the road to happiness? Answers from the science of happiness economics" by Dr. Viktorija Starkauskiene, an ambassador of the economics of happiness, a lecturer at Vytautas Magnus University and coordinator of community welfare.

The club learned that happiness does not have a future time and does not need conditions. Even a higher salary makes us happy for only three months. We are only as valuable as the happiness we create for others. If we want to be more comfortable, let us be a little more generous.