Achievement of District 31's cross-border service

District 31, Mongolia and the Republic of China (Taiwan), was honored to be presented the Service Recognition Award in the 2020-2022 Biennium of participation in "Zonta Gives Love to Taiwan's New Immigrants & Cross Border Service" at the 2022 Convention in Hamburg. The cross-border service project cooperated with a like-minded association, Love Binti International. With the donations of US$44,000 from the joint effort of Zontians in Taiwan, 250 sewing machines were purchased to help Uganda and remote areas in Africa to set up sewing training centers.


Since the establishment of the sewing training center for a few months, it has cultivated many women in Africa and made many beautiful finished cloth products. Love Binti International brought some products back to Taiwan and showed the results in the handover ceremony of Taipei III Club on 6 September 6. A colorful cloth bag was gifted to everyone, and with the Zonta store at the venue, many handmade products were sold for charity. Zontians donated generously to snap up the goods and gladly witnessed the achievements of the district's cross-border service project.


Another tailoring training center set up at Makerere University in Uganda has further cooperated with the School of Lifelong Learning Education to:

  •  Officially start classes.
  • Add special classrooms so students can study fashion and clothing design for two years.
  • Obtain a nationally certified certificate after the training.

This is in line with the "Uganda Vocational Training" project to provide students with practical skills that employers need and give them degrees. The Department of Fashion and Costume Design teaches students the art of applying design and aesthetics to clothing and its accessories.


It is believed that the women and students of those sewing training centers in Uganda will produce more cloth products to boost their skills, achieve economic independence, and improve their lives. The district will continue to work together to build a better world for women and girls.