Zonta Club of Accra Jubilee empowers young girls to reach for the skies and more

The Zonta Club of Accra Jubilee, Ghana, empowered young girls in their community by continuing its mentorship program and holding a book drive.

Mentorship program
The club organized a field trip to the Ghana Air Force Base to celebrate Amelia Earhart Day. The trip was part of the club's ongoing mentorship program to empower young girls. Fifteen girls from Chorkor Presbyterian Basic School participated in the event, which was the third installment of the initiative. This field trip provided the young girls with invaluable opportunities for growth and inspiration.

The event was a profound exploration into the world of aviation, designed to honor Amelia's legacy and expose the girls to the boundless possibilities within the field. Guided by the club, the girls embarked on a journey of discovery, encountering firsthand the wonders of flight and the remarkable achievements of women in aviation.

The day's highlight was the chance to meet W01 Bugri Juliana, Ghana's first female aircraft engineer, whose story was a powerful testament to perseverance and determination. Juliana's journey deeply resonated with the girls, instilling a sense of ambition that transcended the boundaries of their circumstances.

The girls were immersed in enriching activities throughout the event, including hangar tours and engaging with aviation professionals. Witnessing the intricacies of aircraft maintenance and the innovative technology behind flight sparked a newfound appreciation for science and engineering.

This event and the club's broader mentorship program underscore its commitment to nurturing the dreams and aspirations of young girls in the community. By providing access to diverse opportunities and role models, the club aims to empower these girls to envision a future filled with endless possibilities.

Through meticulous planning and coordination, the club achieved its goals of inspiring and empowering the girls. The girls' personal experiences were transformative. They had the chance to witness the intricacies of aircraft maintenance and engage with aviation professionals.

One participant eloquently said, "This experience opened my eyes to a whole new world. I now believe I can achieve anything I set my mind to."

This event is not only for the young girls who participated but also for the local community. It fosters empowerment and cultivates a sense of possibility among future leaders. By exposing them to opportunities in aviation and beyond, the club is laying the foundation for a future where gender equality thrives, and all individuals can pursue their passions.

The event honored Amelia's legacy and empowered young girls to reach for the skies. Through initiatives like these, the club continues to make strides toward advancing gender equality and empowering women and girls worldwide.

Book drive
The club hosted a transformative mentorship program and book drive benefit, attended by professionals from various fields alongside Chorkor Presbyterian Basic School students. The event marked a significant effort to inspire and motivate the girl child in their community.

During the event, military, medicine and creative arts professionals engaged with the students, encouraging them to express their dreams and aspirations. This interactive session catalyzed personal growth, empowering the students to envision a future full of opportunities and possibilities.

The event's impactful aspect was the donation of educational materials, including textbooks, workbooks, exercise books, and storybooks, to the students. This provision of essential resources facilitated their academic development and instilled a sense of value and importance in their education. The club aims to uplift the girl child by providing mentorship and educational support, enabling her to overcome barriers and achieve her full potential.

Through careful planning and collaboration with professionals and community members, the club successfully achieved its goals for the event. Engaging students with role models and providing educational resources contributed to fostering a culture of empowerment and aspiration.