Helping survivors of domestic violence

The Kendall County Women's Shelter (KCWS) ensures that victims of domestic violence receive the services and support that they need to remain safe, begin the healing process, and move forward with building new and healthier lives. KCWS partnered with the Zonta Club of Fredericksburg for the Client Assistance Program, which focuses on meeting the basic needs of victims of domestic violence and eliminating the barriers to gaining self-sufficiency and the ability to live a life free from violence.

The program aids victims of domestic violence and their children seeking residential and non-residential services at KCWS. The provision of these services eliminated multiple barriers for survivors of domestic violence in their progress to self-sufficiency.

With a US$5,000 grant from Zonta International, KCWS provided 476 transportation trips to 47 clients, financial assistance to 31 clients, 705 case management sessions to 77 clients, housing stability case management to 57 clients, 46 sessions of legal assistance to 28 clients, 277 individual counseling sessions to 64 clients, three meals and snacks a day for 108 women and 34 girls, important documents such as identification cards, birth certificates, marriage license duplicates and transcripts to 15 clients, prescription medication refills and eye care to 38 clients, GED and educational materials and parenting guides for clients.

"Thank you whole-heartedly, this saved my life," one client wrote in an exit survey. "I'm so grateful to everyone!"

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