Zonta International statement on International Day of Friendship 2021

Our world faces many challenges and crises—such as gender inequality, gender-based violence, poverty, lack of access to health care and more—that divide us and undermine our peace, security, development and social harmony.

We must address the root causes of these crises and challenges by joining together in friendship. As a global community of Zonta clubs in 63 countries, Zonta International excels at encouraging friendly bonds and developing trust among people from different backgrounds, which allows us to contribute to the fundamental shifts needed to achieve a better world where everyone has equal rights.

“Through friendship and with the common goal to create a better future for women and girls everywhere, our members are making a lasting impact on the world,” said Zonta International President Sharon Langenbeck.

According to the United Nations, the International Day of Friendship was first proclaimed 10 years ago “with the idea that friendship between peoples, countries, cultures and individuals can inspire peace efforts and build bridges between communities.”

Zonta International’s more than 28,000 members belong to more than 1,100 clubs. Our members not only form friendships within their clubs, but also across country borders within their Zonta districts and even on an international level. This cooperation is encouraged through club meetings, area meetings, district conferences, inter-district meetings and our international convention.

In the next several months, each of our districts will hold their conference—a wonderful time to meet new friends and for old friends to reconnect. In honor of the International Day of Friendship, reach out to a Zonta friend and make plans to meet—either virtually, in-person or at your upcoming district conference.

30 JULY 2021