President Sharon Shares message for the new biennium

Fellow Zontians,

It is truly an honor to be your President for the first biennium of Zonta’s second century and to be the first Amelia Earhart Fellow to serve as Zonta’s President.

Thank you for putting your trust in me.

Six months ago, none of us could have imagined we would not be in Chicago celebrating our 100 years and kicking off our second century. Life changes have been dramatic, and we have adapted. 

Now it is time to focus on the future. I am a forward-looking person. But, there is one thing we must never lose sight of from our first 100 years. And that is the vision that our founders in 1919 had for achieving women’s equality. They understood the importance of education. They had enthusiasm, passion and dedication to make changes for women.

Today, we still need to push for change.

Our new programs and projects focus on two major areas. One is education and the other is eliminating violence against women and girls. 

Our own Zonta Education programs show that we have always known that education is important for women’s equality. The women who are receiving our awards are making a difference in breaking down barriers in male dominated fields They serve as role models for the next generation. 

Our UN projects focus on education and eliminating Violence Against Women and Girls. Providing opportunities and removing impediments for girls to remain in school has lasting impact. Benefits of education include financial security, better health care for their family and contributions to the betterment of society. Education is the key to decision-making.

Working to Eliminate Violence Against Women and Girls has taken on an even greater priority. With COVID-19, the world is seeing more domestic violence. We must do all we can to provide safe environments for women and girls.

I call on you to support our Zonta work --our education programs, international service projects and advocacy efforts. 

Your financial contributions to our Foundation are needed to make progress for women’s equality. Those of you who have attended conventions have seen the display boards with stickers for your donations. It is so inspiring to see your generosity to financially support Zonta’s work. This robust beginning of the biennium is one thing that we have lost entirely in our current virtual world. Foundation contributions fund our programs and projects. 

Please consider making a donation to help start the biennium and our second century.

Finally, as we begin this biennium, let us look for opportunities to grow our membership and work for women’s equality. 

I challenge all of us to have the same enthusiasm, dedication and passion of our founders to fulfill our mission.

Let’s start our journey together into our second century.

I look forward to working with you in teamwork and partnership.

Warm regards,

Sharon Langenbeck

Zonta International President