Top row (L to R): Minh Trinh, Chisom Okwor, Laura Herman; Bottom row: Carolin Brandt, Allaine Tan, Balsam Alkouz

Introducing 2021 Women in Technology Scholars

Zonta International is pleased to announce the 2021 Women in Technology Scholars. These 20 women—from 12 countries—have achieved an outstanding academic record and demonstrated initiative, ambition and commitment to pursuing a career in information technology:

  • Amani Abusafia, Palestine
  • Japnit Ahuja, India
  • Balsam Alkouz, Jordan
  • Carolin Brandt, Germany
  • Irene Cannistraci, Italy
  • Wietske de Bondt, Netherlands
  • Lindsey Deryckere, Belgium
  • Healy Dwyer, United States
  • Laura Herman, United States
  • Kshitijaa Jaglan, India
  • Rupal Jain, India
  • Marlen Lorenz, Germany
  • Kaylin Moss, United States
  • Chisom Okwor, Nigeria
  • Jennie Patricoski, United States
  • Nancy Salem, Egypt and Netherlands
  • Liliana Savage Pinto, Mexico
  • Allaine Tan, the Philippines
  • Rubie Targema-Takema, Nigeria
  • Minh Trinh, Germany

The 2021 Women in Technology Scholars are studying computer science, human-computer interaction, information technology, internet/information studies, software engineering and more. Click here for a PDF that includes the recipients’ schools and fields of study. 

20 APRIL 2022